Local Dog Rescue Charity, Causeway Coast Dog Rescue goes to Battersea in London

Seen here is CCDR Chair Margaret Dimsdale-Bobby (centre), with Trustee Carol McClenahan, at Battersea Dog and Cats Home London during their visit to Windsor and London rehoming centres.

Causeway Coast Dog Rescue charity located on the north coast, has been developing their skills and knowledge with Battersea Dog and Cats home in London.

Margaret Dimsdale-Bobby, Chair of the charity said, “it is important we keep on top of our knowledge and developments in dog rescue and rehoming, so we have developed a relationship with Battersea in London and achieved a City and Guilds accreditation ‘Intensive Dog Rescue and Rehoming’ programme, delivered by Battersea Dogs and Cats Home. The programme introduces key concepts in organisational management, canine behavioural and welfare assessment, rehoming and operational practice. It also includes how to identify, implement and measure change in the rescue setting.

“Since successfully completing the course, another Trustee and I have been to London to meet with Battersea’s key personnel to gain insight to their rescues and rehoming centres and learning from our differences such as policies and procedures, so we understand best practice in animal welfare.

“We are in the process of finalising a planning application for a new facility on the north coast, and we want to ensure we have as much detail to what others are doing to provide the best possible care and attention for the dogs that we rescue”.

Numbers and demand to take in more dogs has dramatically increased putting more pressure on CCDR and other charities in the country.

“We are all at bursting point, with waiting lists getting bigger by the day.

“Sadly, we are also experiencing an increased number of reports from the public witnessing cruelty, which is heartbreaking, but we do our best to support them, as this is traumatizing for both the public and our volunteers.

“At CCDR while we continue to rehome dogs, even though we are experiencing a reduction in the demand for adopting a dog, we are also looking at developing projects with Battersea to how we can support other dog rescue charities in Northern Ireland, how we can work with councils in animal welfare to understand the demands we are all facing, and what we can do to improve animal welfare for the future. We believe every dog deserves a second chance and will continue to work towards developing a safe and secure environment while we work through the adoption process for every dog needing a #foreverhome.” For more information on dogs available for rehoming, go to CCDR Facebook @causewaycoastdogrescue. If you would like to provide a #foreverhome, then contact CCDR on 07595602702. Thank you for your support.




  1. Chair of Causeway Coast Dog Rescue Margaret Dimsdale-Bobby and Trustee Carol McClenahan, with Lisa Nugent of the Battersea Academy, Battersea Dog and Cats Home London during CCDR’s visit to Windsor and London Battersea Dog and Cat rehoming centres.
  2. Seen here is CCDR Chair Margaret Dimsdale-Bobby (centre), with members of Battersea Dog and Cats Home London, Head of Canine Training Ali Taylor (right) and Veterinary Director Shaun Opperman