Aligning Stormont with Westminster to Improve and Reform Animal Welfare in Northern Ireland

Caption: Dr Marc Abraham OBE, Vet and Founder of Lucy’s Law, Tara Cunningham Animal Welfare Lobbyist CCDR and Brian Gryzmek CCDR at Stormont today meeting with MLAs to take forward Lucy’s Law in N.Ireland.


Causeway Coast Dog Rescue charity has teamed up with published vet Dr Marc Abraham OBE who successfully brought forward the campaign for ‘Lucy’s Law’ in Westminster. Published vet, is also the secretariat to All Party Group in Westminster working towards improving the health and wellbeing of animals, led the successful campaign to change legislation at Westminster for Lucy’s Law, is visiting Northern Ireland to meet with representatives in Stormont today and tomorrow Tuesday 7th and Wednesday 8th May, as well as Queens University and members in the north coast. Meetings are with the aim of pushing forward much needed legislative changes which will align the UK in animal welfare law.

Dr Abraham, otherwise known as ‘Marc the Vet’ campaigns for the reform of animal welfare, was successful in leading MPs and celebrities to support the change needed to stop the third-party sale of dogs and cats.  This goes towards stopping the illegal mass breeding and cruelty which many dogs endure as they are treated as commodities and not sentient beings.  Causeway Coast Dog Rescue has also been campaigning for the Reform of Animal Welfare in N.Ireland stating, “The level of cruelty is unfathomable in these breeding conditions, with pups and kittens being taken too early from their mothers, moved to another country and then sold on as if their mother is in the next room. Many of them do not meet the five needs, set out in legislation and we call for all 5 Animal Welfare Offices to investigate and enforce those who do not”.

Unsuspecting families and individuals purchase pups and kittens under the illusion that they are paying for a well-cared for animal without realising that some are interbred, and their mother is cruelly kept alive for the sole purpose of breeding in a different country.  This is a huge problem in Northern Ireland, so Causeway Coast Dog Rescue has teamed up with Dr Abraham to come to Northern Ireland with the aim of asking Minister Muir and MLAs in all of the political parties to commit and take forward the much needed and outdated legislation we need for the protection of our companion animals in this country.

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