The Causeway Coast Dog Rescue charity is located in Coleraine and covers the north coast, focusing on animal welfare, rescuing and rehoming unwanted dogs.  The charity continued to work throughout Covid supporting members of the community with queries on rescuing or rehoming their dogs.  There has been an increase in calls to help with individuals witnessing abuse or neglect to dogs, as the charity also helps with signposting, helping those to contact the appropriate authorities depending on their query.

As normality is slowly returning, the charity is finding that rehoming dogs is becoming harder as requests are slowly increasing to take in more.  Chair Margaret Dimsdale-Bobby said, “the CCDR asks people to ‘paws for thought’ when looking to home a dog, it is important for families and individuals to consider their circumstances and long-term plans. So many dogs are purchased and then it’s too late when they realise how much work it takes to look after them, the actual cost for food or medical bills. As people now start to return to their full time jobs in office it will become even more difficult.  Dogs can be expensive, but equally they can bring a lot of joy and love to a home.  When homing through a charity, we can’t stress the importance of matching the dog to owner. Not everyone gets the dog they want, and we discuss that at length before adoption.”

Three dogs the charity searches for forever homes, are for Bob, Ace and Holly.

Bob is a greyhound and a lovable boy. Just over three years old and he is looking for a loving individual or family that he can go for quiet walks and curl up and relax. He is a great dog and just needs some TLC.

Ace is six months old, and a Collie.  He is a fun playful pup and still needs some training but loves the outdoors and playing with toys.  He will be a great addition to any family.

Hollie the Collie is two and half years old and needs lots of exercise. She also loves the outdoors and has lots of energy so searching for an individual or family that loves going for long walks and has lots of fun with her is key to her search.

The charity must ensure that all checks are taken to match the dog to the right household, as the dog’s health and wellbeing is the charity’s priority.

For more information on dogs for rehoming, or to ring the charity 07595602702 to discuss adoption, go to Twitter, Facebook or Instagram @causewaycoastdogrescue or email Thank you for your support.