Reporting Cruelty to Dogs in Your Area

Over the last few months the charity volunteers have been receiving an increase in calls and social media messages reporting cruelty to dogs in their area.  We will always help in any way we can to support you but please contact your Animal Welfare office in the first instance.

The below link is to the animal welfare office in your council area, which you can also report to your local dog warden, and to your local PSNI on the non-emergency number 101.


If you wish to inform us of the incident or ask for support, or just as an update to a potential cruelty case, please email us on info@causewaycoastdogrescue.org, or telephone anytime as a member of the team will help in any way possible.

Together we can work to reduce the cruelty to dogs in N.Ireland, and the more everyone takes action to report the cruelty, the more we can do to remove the pain and suffering.  @CCDogRescue  #dogrescue #removeanimalcruelty #charity

NEAL is going to Jump for @CCDogRescue !

NEAL is going to Jump for @CCDogRescue ! Neal is a vet working for the Roe Valley Veterinary Clinic in Limavady. He has volunteered to take a leap of faith, and jump out of aircraft at the Wild Geese Skydiving centre this month, with the hope of raising funds for the Causeway Coast Dog Rescue. A date will be published soon and we all aim to cheer him on with the jump on the day.  He has already finished his training and just needs to ‘save the date’ for the jump.  If you wish to sponsor Neal, click on the link below as we will be published the date next week, on when he will be doing the jump! Good Luck Neal and thank you everyone for your support!

Neal seen here with Chairman of the Causeway Coast Dog Rescue, Margaret Dimsdale-Bobby, and Harry at the Wild Geese Skydiving Club as Neal completed his training.





Causeway Coast Dog Rescue partners with students to host a Stress Free Puppy Petting Day

Studies show that interactions with dogs can decrease stress in humans. Causeway Coast Dog Rescuehas been invited for a second year, to the Ulster University offices in Coleraine to support students with a ‘Stress Free Puppy Petting’ day. What will be different about this year, is that teachers have also been invited! The students felt that the teachers would welcome such an opportunity as the students continued to rave about the event for days after last year’s visit showing photographs and explaining how they felt when they were offered the opportunity to sit with rescue dogs.

The charity brings along a number of Rescue Dogs, which have been checked and hand chosen for their temperament, to support the students while also getting to enjoy the day out with all the attention it brings. So many of the students miss their homes with their dogs left with their families in foreign countries. While many others have never been near a dog, and found the whole experience very exciting and fulfilling.

Chairman of the Causeway Coast Dog Rescue charity, located on the north coast said, “we aim to work with a number of different groups and agencies to raise the awareness of what we do, but importantly we discuss the welfare of animals. Many of the dogs we receive are from people who just don’t know how to look after them and how to make them part of their family. So many think that keeping a dog chained up outside in all weathers is normal and OK and we believe this is not acceptable. We are here to help the students, including the teachers, to realise the importance of having a dog. Relieving stress and improving ones’ way of life can only be a good thing no matter who you are.

We strongly emphasise that every dog deserves a second chance and that we all must play a part in informing the correct authorities when we believe a dog is being neglected or mistreated in any way.

Our charity’s volunteers are very much looking forward to seeing the new students in Coleraine’s Ulster University on Wednesday and then to Magee to meet the students there the following Wednesday afternoon”.  @CCDogRescue


Louise delivers Christmas early to the Causeway Coast Dog Rescue

Louise Jonty, seen here with Chairman of the Causeway Coast Dog Rescue charity, Maggie Dimsdale-Bobby, delivered Christmas early to the charity with donations from friends, family and colleagues. The car was bursting at the seems! with dog food, dog blankets, dog toys and much much more for the charity.  Louise is an avid animal lover and heard about the work the charity did on the north coast and all over N.Ireland.  Because of this, Louise put out a call to her friends and so many of them send her items to deliver to the charity.

Maggie Dimsdale-Bobby said, “This is amazing and Louise is an angel to say the least. The extent of items that Louise has brought the charity is fantastic, and extremely appreciated.  On behalf of all of the Trustees and volunteers, it is a heartfelt thanks that all of her friends and family have helped her with donations. To travel from one end of the country to the other to deliver all the items she is fantastic. The list of items are endless and I know so many dogs which will appreciate them over the coming days weeks and months. Thank you again to everyone involved and who donated. We will definitely keep in touch and

Maggie presented Louise with flowers and a thank you card from the charity, as a small token of appreciation.

To keep up with the developments of the charity, follow us on @Causewaycoastdogrescue @CCDogrescue for more information.






The Causeway Coast Dog Rescue charity is pleased to announce that they will be hosting an evening of entertainment in Parliament Buildings Stormont on Thursday 7th December. The charity event will be a Christmas Carol Service with the school choir from Milburn Primary School Coleraine, as well as well-known local singer Sara Crockett, who recently sang at the SSE arena. Sara has launched her songs on her own social media channels and has also sang in Nashville which was an amazing location and opportunity for a local singer to appear.

Margaret Dimsdale-Bobby, Chairman of the charity said, “we had been considering hosting events to raise awareness of the charity and the work the volunteers provide in rescuing and rehoming dogs all over the country. Although located on the north coast we support families and individuals in every area. We were very kindly supported by our local MLAs to enable this all-inclusive community event to take place in this beautiful building.

“We are currently working on assessing the current position of homeless dogs all over Northern Ireland as we are finding that the demand for support from the charity has not decreased in recent years. If anything, it has increased.

“The evening will be in the most remarkable setting, and if anyone hasn’t yet seen the inside of the building, now is the time to do it as we will be located in the main entrance by the great staircase. It will be an amazing platform for the choir next to their renowned Christmas Tree.  Mulled wine and mince pies all round for everyone, with tea and coffee for those driving!

“I look forward to seeing so many of those I have rehomed dogs with over the years, and it will be a great opportunity to catch up with some old friends and hopefully some new ones.”

All tickets can be purchased on line, go to https://ccdr.quicktickets.ie/  and please being on the evening for entrance. The charity can be contacted by phone and payment taken by cash in the Charity Shop in the Diamond Centre Coleraine. Keep in touch www.causewaycoastdogrescue.org and Merry Christmas, please look after your dog during the winter weather. Every dog deserves a second chance.  @CCDogRescue







Causeway Coast Dog Rescue has been offered the chance to dine and dance with award winning Truva Chargrill Restaurant as they host a belly dancing dinner night for the charity.  Owners Turan and Emma have offered to raise money for one of their favourite charities on the north coast and will be hosting the event which is open to everyone on Friday 20th October.

There will be a three-course dinner and a glass of wine on arrival, along with the specialised professional Turkish belly dancer who will be making a special appearance during the evening. The restaurant is located at the bottom of Captain Street in the Waterside area of Coleraine.

Maggie Dimsdale-Bobby, Chairman CCDR said, “the support we have had from individuals and local businesses has been amazing. On behalf of the Trustees and the volunteers, I can’t thank the team at Truva enough for this fundraising event. Every penny counts to give a dog a second chance, and we believe every dog deserves just that.  Since I established the charity, the number of calls received to rehome a dog is as high now as it ever was, so we know how important it is to have the support of the local community and to work in partnership with others. I look forward to the dinner and experiencing this fantastic award-winning restaurant and at £30per person for an evening which includes a three course dinner, drink on arrival and entertainment, our charity will also benefit from the support of those attending.”

Truva Chargrill Restaurant has won an award for the Best Regional Restaurant of the year, continues to do well with their support from local residents as well as interest from tourists coming to the area. Truva Delights Cafe is located on main street promenade Portstewart, while their restaurant provides some of the best possible Mediterranean and eastern dishes available, as well as catering for vegetarians, vegan and those with gluten allergies.

Turan, will be hosting the evening and will be on hand with his team to catering for all guests stating, “it is important that we at Truva work with our local community and the Causeway Coast Dog Rescue is vitally important as one of our local charities. We have so many dog owners who stop off for coffee at our Truva Delights in Portstewart, and many of our four-legged friends are rescue dogs from the charity which have now found their forever home.  We hope that this dinner and evening with entertainment will encourage everyone to come along and book a ticket to the event as we have limited numbers.”  For details of the menu go to www.truvachargrill.co.uk and to purchase a ticket it can reserved on line http://d36.co/12svY, or call into Truva Delights in Portstewart or to Truva Chargrill in Coleraine.

For more information on the work of the charity, or if you are considering giving a #fureverhome to one of the #CCDR dogs, please look at their facebook for new dogs every week @causewaycoastdogrescue or go to their website under ‘dogs for rehoming’ .



Photo caption

Seen here is Turan Gunes, owner of Truva Chargrill Restaurant with Chairman Maggie Dimsdale-Bobby of the Causeway Coast Dog Rescue. Truva will be hosting a fundraising night for the CCDR charity as a three course dinner with belly dancing entertainment! With raffle and dancing it will be a fun night with fine food. For tickets or to find out more, go to www.truvachargrill.co.uk or @CCDogRescue.