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Looking after Your Pet

5th March 2020
If you are thinking of getting a dog, or have just rescued a dog and wish to ensure you are looking after your pet appropriately.
Or, you may be concerned about the welfare of a dog you hve seen. Please see the enclosed guidelines to looking after your pet, and meeting the rules in #NI

Thank you for your support

@CCDR we would like to thank you for your support, it is very much appreciated, especially when you share the information to others about the dogs searching for their forever homes.

We receive hundreds of calls, comments and private messages each week on each dog looking for a home.

Please Please ring within the allocated hours if you wish to find out about a dog. We can not respond to each message on Facebook or provide detailed information as a private message.

Each dog and home must be matched and each dog is our main priority. Many of our dogs are unwanted as they have little issues which means they are not suitable for every home that wants them.

Thank you and please keep supporting us, and the dogs searching for their forever homes. #charity #dogrescue @CCDogRescue

Surrendering Your Dog for Rehoming

3rd March 2020
Are you needing to give up your dog for rehoming?
At Causeway Cast Dog Rescue, we apreciate that it is a dificult decision to give up your pet and we will do what we can to help you, but please contact your local Council Dog Sanctuary for support in the first instance, checking costs and any rules on rehoming…
Thank you

Getting a #Dog: – Have you thought about rescuing a dog, or purchasing a dog from someone?

28th February 2020

@CCDogRescue we would ask you consider a number of important issues before making this #very #important #decision…. First of all, we would always recommend ‘to rescue’ and not purchase, as many rescue dogs were purchased once!

We would also ask you to consider your current situation, as we are currently overwhelmed at the amount of calls to take in unwanted dogs, as it is every February and March. The excitement has now worn off and the reality of the responsibility has been realised. There can be any number of reasons, but having a VERY young family or living in rented accommodation with landlord restrictions on pets are two of the main reasons we receive requests to take in an unwanted dog, and we will do what we can to help you with our limited resources.

However, for those contacting us to provide a forever home for an unwanted dog, please please consider a number of important issues…

It is difficult looking after a dog, they require care and attention, but importantly love and money to care for them, particularly with feeding and vet bills.

We will not rehome a dog if you intend keeping it outside in kennels and not making part of your family. We will not rehome a dog if you have a young family, such as having a baby and/or toddlers.

We will also not rehome a dog if you leave them all day without an opportunity to get them out or walked, as it is recommended never leaving a dog alone for more than four hours in a day.

We aim to ensure the best possible forever home for our dogs, it is this focus which is our priority. We thank you for your support.
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Our Charity Shop Opens 5 days a week from 29th October 2018

The Causeway Coast Dog Rescue Charity shop opens Monday to Friday from this coming Monday, 29th October. Opening from 10.30am to 4pm each day, the charity is trying to provide a fuller service for its loyal customers.

“We have lots of new stop and its a great location, we have something for everyone”, stated Chairman Maggie Dimsdale-Bobby.

She continued “come in and say hello as we have clothes for adults and children, as well as books, dvds, bricabrac and lots of toys for children. Right now we have lots of fancy dress costumes, and have lots of party outfits for the forthcoming season. so there is a bargain for everyone.”

There have been so many donations, some with labels still attached and unworn, some designer labels and great coats for the winter weather as it fast approaches. There are also lots of handbags for the ladies and pictures as people start to think about making changes to their home, there are lots of ornaments and items for the kitchen.

Charity donations are welcome as you drop in, but if you have a large number of bags please call ahead and we can arrange for you to deliver by car.

So if you are thinking of that special night out or that cosy outfit with a good book to stay in, we have it all!! Call in and grab yourself a bargain!

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Please Paws for Thought At this time of year, as it is always difficult for dog rescue charities and the CCDR is no exception.  Every day the phone calls and emails are received, asking to take in an unwanted dog for many different reasons. But at this time of year as Christmas is getting closer and the nights are getting colder, the volunteers become more concerned on the level of calls increasing particularly as many of the other rescue charities are saying they are already full and redirecting requests to the Causeway Coast Dog Rescue.

Its is heartbreaking as there is a constant level of cruelty ranging from leaving a dog out overnight without any shelter, ranging to physical abuse and neglect. We always recommend that individuals contact their local dog warden https://www.nidirect.gov.uk/contacts/local-councils-in-northern-ireland  if the issue is effecting them or your neighbours personally such as barking, excessive noise etc, and to contact the animal welfare on  https://www.nidirect.gov.uk/contacts/animal-welfare-local-councils  if the dog is being mistreated or neglected. In extreme cases, please contact the non emergency PSNI number on 101 and report it, so that it can also be followed up through Animal Welfare.

We believe at the CCDR that every dog deserves a second chance, and we will always aim to do what we can to help, as it is important that each family or individual is paired with the right dog, as our priority is the dog searching for that #fureverhome !

There are so many gorgeous potential companions ready to move to their new home and we want to see them getting there. Keep up to date with dogs coming in on http://causewaycoastdogrescue.org/portfolio_category/dogs-for-adoption/ any of these dogs are ready for their new home.






Causeway Coast Dog Rescue has been offered the chance to dine and dance with award winning Truva Chargrill Restaurant as they host a belly dancing dinner night for the charity.  Owners Turan and Emma have offered to raise money for one of their favourite charities on the north coast and will be hosting the event which is open to everyone on Friday 20th October.

There will be a three-course dinner and a glass of wine on arrival, along with the specialised professional Turkish belly dancer who will be making a special appearance during the evening. The restaurant is located at the bottom of Captain Street in the Waterside area of Coleraine.

Maggie Dimsdale-Bobby, Chairman CCDR said, “the support we have had from individuals and local businesses has been amazing. On behalf of the Trustees and the volunteers, I can’t thank the team at Truva enough for this fundraising event. Every penny counts to give a dog a second chance, and we believe every dog deserves just that.  Since I established the charity, the number of calls received to rehome a dog is as high now as it ever was, so we know how important it is to have the support of the local community and to work in partnership with others. I look forward to the dinner and experiencing this fantastic award-winning restaurant and at £30per person for an evening which includes a three course dinner, drink on arrival and entertainment, our charity will also benefit from the support of those attending.”

Truva Chargrill Restaurant has won an award for the Best Regional Restaurant of the year, continues to do well with their support from local residents as well as interest from tourists coming to the area. Truva Delights Cafe is located on main street promenade Portstewart, while their restaurant provides some of the best possible Mediterranean and eastern dishes available, as well as catering for vegetarians, vegan and those with gluten allergies.

Turan, will be hosting the evening and will be on hand with his team to catering for all guests stating, “it is important that we at Truva work with our local community and the Causeway Coast Dog Rescue is vitally important as one of our local charities. We have so many dog owners who stop off for coffee at our Truva Delights in Portstewart, and many of our four-legged friends are rescue dogs from the charity which have now found their forever home.  We hope that this dinner and evening with entertainment will encourage everyone to come along and book a ticket to the event as we have limited numbers.”  For details of the menu go to www.truvachargrill.co.uk and to purchase a ticket it can reserved on line http://d36.co/12svY, or call into Truva Delights in Portstewart or to Truva Chargrill in Coleraine.

For more information on the work of the charity, or if you are considering giving a #fureverhome to one of the #CCDR dogs, please look at their facebook for new dogs every week @causewaycoastdogrescue or go to their website under ‘dogs for rehoming’ .



Photo caption

Seen here is Turan Gunes, owner of Truva Chargrill Restaurant with Chairman Maggie Dimsdale-Bobby of the Causeway Coast Dog Rescue. Truva will be hosting a fundraising night for the CCDR charity as a three course dinner with belly dancing entertainment! With raffle and dancing it will be a fun night with fine food. For tickets or to find out more, go to www.truvachargrill.co.uk or @CCDogRescue.


@CCDogRescue we are searching for #VOLUNTEERS for our #charityshop located in the Diamond Centre Coleraine.  We open from 1030am to 4pm each day, and are opening up to welcome more volunteers to help around the shop. The shop is a great support and sells items such as adults clothes, children’s and baby clothes, as well as bric a brac for around the home.  You don’t have to work a full week, or even a full day, a few hours is equally appreciated. If you would like to find out more or to discuss the possibility of coming in as a volunteer, contact us with a private message on our facebook, give us a call on 07595602702 and leave a message so we can get back to you, or email us your details info@causewaycoastdogrescue.org  Thank you, every hour given goes a long way to supporting #rescuing and #rehoming dogs in your area.