Columbo the Bassett Hound

Columbo the Bassett Hound



Gorgeous Columbo is a 6 year old neutered Basset hound.   He loves food & going for walks. He gets on well with other animals but would be best suited in a home with no young children.  If you would like more information, please telephone 07595602702 for more information, or to arrange a house check email thank you @CCDogRescue







Jack is a beautiful four year old Westi searching for his forever home.  He needs a home with an older family and not young children. He enjoys having company and needs someone to love and care for him. If you would like more information please ring 07595602702 @CCDogRescue






Finn is a beautiful young Labrador at 17 months old.  He is full of life and will be great for a family who enjoy the outdoors with lots of walks and days out.  If you would like more information please telephone 07595602702 @CCDogRescue



Bella is a 7 year old Beagle searching for a forever home. Due to change of circumstances the owner can no longer keep her. She is a great companion and loves going out and about with the family. if you are interested in giving Bella her forever home, or would like to speak to a member of the team, telephone 07595602702 or email  thank you @CCDogRescue





Luis the Shih Tzu is approximately  7 years old and searching for a forever home.  He is a really lovable, cuddly dog and would be amazing company for an older couple/person with no young kids around. Luis is great with other dogs but not with children. If you think you could give Luis his forever home, please call us on 07595602702  @CCDogRescue or email  thank you





Penny is a small Jack Russell

Penny is a small Jack Russell and is only 1.5 years old. She needs a loving him without other dogs and preferably one without children. She would be perfect for someone who lives on their own and can give her the attention and care she deserves. If you think you could give Penny a loving home, please ring 07595602702 to discuss further thank you @CCDogRescue

Max the Golden Labrador

Max is a Golden Labrador, he is three years old. Very playful dog and loves company and long walks. He needs a loving home that can manage him and take care of him. Preferably with older children. He hasn’t been socialised too much with other dogs so would prefer a home that doesn’t have other dogs until he is more socialised. If you could give Max a loving home, ring us on 07595602702 for more information thank you @CCDogRescue





GISMO is a three year old Male Yorkie searching for his forever home. He needs a family without any children, ok with teenagers and ok with other dogs.  if you think you can give Gismo his forever home, please telephone 07595602702  @CCDogRescue


Lola is a Shitzhu and is searching for her foreverhome.  This little lady needs a lot more care and attention than most, and needs extra time with her as she isn’t house trained. She loves to be by your side and needs a family where there is someone about all the time or has company with other dogs, as she is very sociable.  For more information on Lola, contact us on or telephone 07595602702 Thank you @CCDogRescue