Getting a #Dog: – Have you thought about rescuing a dog, or purchasing a dog from someone?

28th February 2020

@CCDogRescue we would ask you consider a number of important issues before making this #very #important #decision…. First of all, we would always recommend ‘to rescue’ and not purchase, as many rescue dogs were purchased once!

We would also ask you to consider your current situation, as we are currently overwhelmed at the amount of calls to take in unwanted dogs, as it is every February and March. The excitement has now worn off and the reality of the responsibility has been realised. There can be any number of reasons, but having a VERY young family or living in rented accommodation with landlord restrictions on pets are two of the main reasons we receive requests to take in an unwanted dog, and we will do what we can to help you with our limited resources.

However, for those contacting us to provide a forever home for an unwanted dog, please please consider a number of important issues…

It is difficult looking after a dog, they require care and attention, but importantly love and money to care for them, particularly with feeding and vet bills.

We will not rehome a dog if you intend keeping it outside in kennels and not making part of your family. We will not rehome a dog if you have a young family, such as having a baby and/or toddlers.

We will also not rehome a dog if you leave them all day without an opportunity to get them out or walked, as it is recommended never leaving a dog alone for more than four hours in a day.

We aim to ensure the best possible forever home for our dogs, it is this focus which is our priority. We thank you for your support.
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