The Causeway Coast Dog Rescue receive new year’s gift from HMPO Belfast


The Causeway Coast Dog Rescue based on the north coast, received a new year gift from the team at Her Majesty’s Passport Office (HMPO) in Belfast.  Geraldine Gribben Chair and Colette McCourt are both on the HMPO charity committee and made the CCDR their charity of choice for this year’s donation.

Geraldine Gribben said, “Each year at Christmas time we select an animal welfare group and do a pet food drive across the office. We usually try and select lesser known charities and put a cardboard box in the staff tearoom where staff can place their donations in it.

“We fundraise for charities throughout the year, but the past four years we have been doing additional fundraising for animal welfare charities around Christmas. The items range from clothes, toys and books for the charity shop, and food with treats for the dogs.”

Margaret Dimsdale-Bobby, Chairman of the Causeway Coast Dog Rescue charity, said, “the CCDR charity is based on the ethos that every dog deserves a second chance. We have been inundated since Christmas with people contacting us, wanting to give up their dogs for rehoming. This gift from HMPO goes a long way to helping so many dogs with items for our charity shop, and dog food directly to feed the dogs we are in the process of rehoming.”

Margaret continued, “dogs being handed in range from 7-week-old puppies to 12-year-old Collies, it is heart breaking, and it never seems to ease. We work in partnership with so many other charities around Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK just to ensure we can achieve the best forever home for our dogs. We are working hard to develop partnerships with multidisciplinary agencies to bring together a cohesive voice on animal welfare in Northern Ireland. On behalf of everyone at the charity, a huge thank you to the staff at HMPO, especially Geraldine and Collette for being kind enough to choose the charity and deliver the items to us on the north coast.” For more information on providing a ‘fureverhome’ for an unwanted dog this year, to discuss fundraising for the charity, please go to or @CCDogRescue


Photograph Caption

Chairman of the Causeway Coast Dog Rescue charity Margaret Dimsdale-Bobby, thanking members of Her Majesty’s Passport Office in Belfast, Geraldine Gribben Chair and Colette McCourt of the HMPO charity committee, as they delivered donations from members of their team.