Surrendering Your Dog for Rehoming

3rd March 2020
Are you needing to give up your dog for rehoming?
At Causeway Cast Dog Rescue, we apreciate that it is a dificult decision to give up your pet and we will do what we can to help you, but please contact your local Council Dog Sanctuary for support in the first instance, checking costs and any rules on rehoming…
Thank you



Bobby is a beautiful eight-month-old special black Labrador, which is searching for his forever home with the Causeway Coast Dog Rescue. Bobby is special because a number of weeks ago he was involved in a sever accident and ended up having to have his front left leg amputated. With going through such a traumatic experience, you would think this young pup would be lying low and feeling sorry for himself, but not a chance! He is a bouncy mischievous puppy just like all the rest at this age! However, because of his special circumstances and needing to be supported to know what he can and shouldn’t be doing during his recovery period, he desperately needs a home that will be patient, caring and yet fun loving enough to give him plenty of exercise, but importantly make him part of the family.

Following Christmas, the charity has been inundated with calls to take in unwanted dogs. There are just too many to take in, resulting in working with other charities around the country to seek support in rehoming them. Chairman Margaret Dimsdale-Bobby said, “every January it is always the same – out with the old and in with the new – which is horrendous to even consider, particularly for our volunteers. Thankfully we also have lots of people looking to take in a dog and give them that forever home they seek, but the work load in working our way through the calls is exhausting and extremely time consuming. Bobby is very special which is why we are putting a call out to see if we get interest from a home that wouldn’t be aware of our charity. We still have other dogs searching for their home which I am sure will happen, but Bobby just needs that little bit extra TLC.”

Each time a dog is rehomed with the charity, a house check needs to take place and the family’s current circumstances needs to be discussed, which will be no different for Bobby’s potential new home. This gorgeous black Labrador deserves a fabulous lifelong ‘#fureverhome! So, if you think that is you, please ring the charity to discuss further, or email them with an over view of your current circumstances. 07595602702


Please Paws for Thought At this time of year, as it is always difficult for dog rescue charities and the CCDR is no exception.  Every day the phone calls and emails are received, asking to take in an unwanted dog for many different reasons. But at this time of year as Christmas is getting closer and the nights are getting colder, the volunteers become more concerned on the level of calls increasing particularly as many of the other rescue charities are saying they are already full and redirecting requests to the Causeway Coast Dog Rescue.

Its is heartbreaking as there is a constant level of cruelty ranging from leaving a dog out overnight without any shelter, ranging to physical abuse and neglect. We always recommend that individuals contact their local dog warden  if the issue is effecting them or your neighbours personally such as barking, excessive noise etc, and to contact the animal welfare on  if the dog is being mistreated or neglected. In extreme cases, please contact the non emergency PSNI number on 101 and report it, so that it can also be followed up through Animal Welfare.

We believe at the CCDR that every dog deserves a second chance, and we will always aim to do what we can to help, as it is important that each family or individual is paired with the right dog, as our priority is the dog searching for that #fureverhome !

There are so many gorgeous potential companions ready to move to their new home and we want to see them getting there. Keep up to date with dogs coming in on any of these dogs are ready for their new home.