Henry and Harry are just two of the rescue dogs from the Causeway Coast Dog Rescue which appeared at the Students Union in Coleraine to host a ‘Stress Free Puppy Petting Day’ 

As we move into the new year, more and more people are considering their mental health as well as their physical health. Students of the Ulster University Coleraine have been thinking of their own mental wellbeing as they go through their exams the stress can be difficult. Which is why they asked the Causeway Coast Dog Rescue to come back for a second year to support them in hosting a ‘Stress Free Puppy Petting Day’. The charity has worked in partnership with the Students Union to support the students in any way they can.

The CCDR took along a number of dogs, all of which has been rescued by the charity. These ranged from Chihuahuas to bulldogs! Giving the students a range of sizes and types of dogs to get up close and personal with.

The opportunity was available for each student to come in and sit with the dogs and pet and feel the warmth of each dog’s personality after they had a rough day working at their exams. The dogs loved the extra cuddles they received, from the male and female students!

Chairman of the charity Margaret Dimsdale-Bobby said, “this was a great opportunity for those students who have left their family dogs at home, to spend some time remembering the affection they have for their family pet. It was also an opportunity for many students who had never been near a dog before, to understand how to approach and pet a dog.

We also took this opportunity to speak with the students on animal welfare and the importance of looking after your pet, and what signs to look out for when others are not looking after theirs. The event was a great success and the students made a donation to the charity. Everyone looked very relaxed with large smiles as they left the room as they had taken their ‘selfies’ with each of the dogs”. 

Andrew McAnallen, Vice President Academic and Student Affairs, Coleraine said, “The January exam period can be quite stressful, so every year Ulster University Students’ Union organises stress busters to help de-stress students!

“The puppy petting rooms started last year, and idea of last year’s Union Vice President Kevin McStravock — and it was a huge success! This year we opened the puppy petting rooms up to both staff and students.

“This year was just as good as last. It was a terrific success, with over 100 staff & students turning up to see the dogs.  I got chatting to a few students and everyone seemed very appreciative.  There’s no greater way to relieve stress than spending some time with a few lovable puppies!

“The puppy petting room would not be possible if not for the Causeway Coast Dog Rescue. They are a very admirable local charity, whose mission is to rescue and rehouse unwanted dogs, into new, loving foster families. The work they do is essential in reducing the unnecessary suffering of dogs, while giving rescued dogs the love and care they deserve.

“The UUSU is looking forward to working with them again soon, when the puppy petting room comes to the Magee campus on Wednesday 17th January!”

For more information on rehoming a dog, or on the work of the charity, go to @CCDogRescue


Photo Captions

Henry and Harry the Bulldogs have both been rescued by the Causeway Coast Dog Rescue and found their forever homes! They supported the Ulster University Students Union Stress Free Puppy Petting day, along with a number of other dogs which was well received by the students attending. Supporting Mental Health and Well Being for everyone. @CCDogRescue.


Students of the Ulster University Coleraine with rescue dogs of the Causeway Coast Dog Rescue as they hosted their Stress-Free Puppy Petting Day, to support students during their exam time. Everyone left with fantastic smiles and fully enjoyed the day with dogs ranging from Chihuahuas to bulldogs. For more information on the dog rescue charity, go to @CCDogRescue