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Due to the current position from government we are currently closed, however please continue to follow us on our Facebook page for updates on when we will be reopening our charity shop and when we will be rehoming.

Our Facebook page is causewaycoastdogrescue or click on the link from this page.

We ask that you continue to report any issues with suspected cruelty to your local council’s Animal Welfare department – details of contact numbers are also on our Facebook page.

Thank you for your kind support and we look forward to speaking and meeting with you sometime soon in the future.


Looking after Your Pet

5th March 2020
If you are thinking of getting a dog, or have just rescued a dog and wish to ensure you are looking after your pet appropriately.
Or, you may be concerned about the welfare of a dog you hve seen. Please see the enclosed guidelines to looking after your pet, and meeting the rules in #NI

Thank you for your support

@CCDR we would like to thank you for your support, it is very much appreciated, especially when you share the information to others about the dogs searching for their forever homes.

We receive hundreds of calls, comments and private messages each week on each dog looking for a home.

Please Please ring within the allocated hours if you wish to find out about a dog. We can not respond to each message on Facebook or provide detailed information as a private message.

Each dog and home must be matched and each dog is our main priority. Many of our dogs are unwanted as they have little issues which means they are not suitable for every home that wants them.

Thank you and please keep supporting us, and the dogs searching for their forever homes. #charity #dogrescue @CCDogRescue

Surrendering Your Dog for Rehoming

3rd March 2020
Are you needing to give up your dog for rehoming?
At Causeway Cast Dog Rescue, we apreciate that it is a dificult decision to give up your pet and we will do what we can to help you, but please contact your local Council Dog Sanctuary for support in the first instance, checking costs and any rules on rehoming…
Thank you

Getting a #Dog: – Have you thought about rescuing a dog, or purchasing a dog from someone?

28th February 2020

@CCDogRescue we would ask you consider a number of important issues before making this #very #important #decision…. First of all, we would always recommend ‘to rescue’ and not purchase, as many rescue dogs were purchased once!

We would also ask you to consider your current situation, as we are currently overwhelmed at the amount of calls to take in unwanted dogs, as it is every February and March. The excitement has now worn off and the reality of the responsibility has been realised. There can be any number of reasons, but having a VERY young family or living in rented accommodation with landlord restrictions on pets are two of the main reasons we receive requests to take in an unwanted dog, and we will do what we can to help you with our limited resources.

However, for those contacting us to provide a forever home for an unwanted dog, please please consider a number of important issues…

It is difficult looking after a dog, they require care and attention, but importantly love and money to care for them, particularly with feeding and vet bills.

We will not rehome a dog if you intend keeping it outside in kennels and not making part of your family. We will not rehome a dog if you have a young family, such as having a baby and/or toddlers.

We will also not rehome a dog if you leave them all day without an opportunity to get them out or walked, as it is recommended never leaving a dog alone for more than four hours in a day.

We aim to ensure the best possible forever home for our dogs, it is this focus which is our priority. We thank you for your support.
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27th February 2020

As of the 1st March 2020, Causeway Coast Dog Rescue kindly request a donation of £140.00 for the rehoming of a dog and £40 to relinquish your pet for rehoming.

The £140 donation will include:
• Neutering of all dogs prior to rehoming
• 2 x Vaccinations
• Microchipping and registering in the new owner’s name
• Worming and De flea medication
• Vet Check
• Feeding during time of rescue to rehoming.

In addition, the charity will provide 4 weeks insurance with every dog rehomed along with the above which will commence the day the dog arrives at its new home.

For those who wish to relinquish their pets for rehoming, your donation of £40 is provided to enable the charity to feed and care for the pet during assessment for rehoming.

The charity aims to break even in all costs while trying to maintain the best possible care for every dog rescued prior to rehoming. Thank you for your support. @CCDogRescue

Causeway Coast Dog Rescue Ltd #charity #dogrescue

Local vets run a marathon for Susie at Causeway Coast Dog Rescue

Seen here are vets from Roe Valley Veterinary Practice in Limavady presenting a cheque for £1001.52 to Chairman of CCDR as a result of marathon ran earlier this year.

Local vets run a marathon for Susie at Causeway Coast Dog Rescue

Local veterinary practice Roe Valley in Limavady decided they would submit a team to the Belfast Marathon in the aim of raising funds for a rescue dog’s heart operation. Susie, the rescue cocker spaniel was aiming to have her operation earlier this year will now be having it this week with a specialist vet being flown in from England. £1001.52 was achieved by the Roe Valley vets and presented to Chairman Maggie Dimsdale-Bobby at their practice in Limavady. “on behalf of the director and members of the CCDR Charity, thank you to everyone for entering the marathon and achieving such a substantial amount which will go a long way to supporting Susie in having her operation.”


Pic at Roe Valley Vets with cheque presentation to chairman

Everything is A1 for Causeway Coast Dog Rescue as they raise funds for Susie’s heart operation

Alpha 1 Dog Hotel owner and manager Mr Ian Eccles seen here with Chairman Maggie Dimsdale-Bobby presenting donation towards Susie’s operation.

Everything is A1 for Causeway Coast Dog Rescue as they raise funds for Susie’s heart operation

With the recent call to raise funds for Susie the cocker spaniel’s specialist heart operation, Ian Eccles owner and manager of ALPHA 1 Dog Hotel located on the north coast helped to raise funds to support the cost of the surgery. Identified as a rare condition, the surgery will be key hole which is both costly and difficult to secure a specialist veterinary surgeon which will be travelling from England to operate on Susie. Ian is seen here donating £300 to Chairman of the charity, Maggie Dimsdale-Bobby. A huge thank you to Ian and his team for their kind donation which will go a long way to support the final cost. @CCDogRescue


Celebrations for Yi Jean as she raises £155 for Susie’s operation

Picture of Yi Jean with young sister making a cheque presentation to Chairman of CCDR for £155 which she raised from her 7th Birthday!

Causeway Coast Dog Rescue charity receives donation from School Girls 7th birthday!

From the recent campaign by the Causeway Coast Dog Rescue to raise funds for a rescue dog’s specialist heart operation, a local little girl had been reading the information and decided that she would donate all of her birthday money gifts to help with paying for Susie’s to get her second chance!

Chairman Maggie Dimsdale-Bobby said, imagine our shock when we received the call from Yi Jean’s mother asking us if we would accept her donation and that she had asked everyone who would be attending her birthday party to give her money, so she could donate to the charity. It is a brilliant and kind gesture from someone so young”.

Yi Jean was having her 7th birthday and her little sister Yum Yum helped. The girl’s parents own the takeaway in Bushmills and have continued to support her in her arrangements and donation.

The family came along to the charity shop and presented a large cheque for the total of £155 for Susie’s operation, all raised by Yi Jean! On behalf of the charity, thank you!

Photograph:  Seen here is Yum Yum with her sister Yi Jean who raised £155 towards a heart operation for Susie, a rescue dog from Causeway Coast Dog Rescue charity. Yi Jean presented a cheque at the charity’s shop in Coleraine to Chairman Maggie Dimsdale-Bobby with one of the rescue dogs Harry! @CCDogRescue