Causeway Coast Dog Rescue

Jollyes Petstore Coleraine Makes donation to CCDR

Jollyes Pet Superstore Coleraine presents donation to Causeway Coast Dog Rescue as they support their local charity.

Chairman of the Causeway Coast Dog Rescue Margaret Dimsdale-Bobby is seen here with Manager Ryan Godfrey of Jollyes Pet Superstore in Coleraine, as he hands over a donation to the charity for £750.00 worth of items from the store. The donations have come from Jollyes shoppers who join their loyalty scheme which is then donated to charities that Jollyes Pet Superstore support.

Causeway Coast Dog Rescue is Jollyes allocated ‘in store charity’. “This is a great donation”, Said Chairman Margaret Dimsdale-Bobby, “on behalf of everyone at the CCDR charity we are deeply gratefully to Ryan, the team at Jollyes and those who come into the store to shop and support local. This will go a long way to feed and benefit dogs that we rescue and rehome. Thank you again to everyone in the store, this is a huge donation.”

Jollyes has been supporting the charity and the donation will enable the members to call in and chose what they need ranging from dog food, leads, toys and of course bedding and any other of the necessary items. The charity is located on the north coast but supports dogs and individuals from all around the country to ensure that every dog deserves a second chance. If you wish to give a dog a loving home, and for more information on the charity, please go to @CCDogRescue or




Ryan Godfrey, Manager Jollyes Pet Superstore located in Coleraine, makes donation of £750 to charity representative Margaret Dimsdale-Bobby, Chairman Causeway Coast Dog Rescue, located on the north coast. @CCDogRescue

The Causeway Coast Dog Rescue receive new year’s gift from HMPO Belfast


The Causeway Coast Dog Rescue based on the north coast, received a new year gift from the team at Her Majesty’s Passport Office (HMPO) in Belfast.  Geraldine Gribben Chair and Colette McCourt are both on the HMPO charity committee and made the CCDR their charity of choice for this year’s donation.

Geraldine Gribben said, “Each year at Christmas time we select an animal welfare group and do a pet food drive across the office. We usually try and select lesser known charities and put a cardboard box in the staff tearoom where staff can place their donations in it.

“We fundraise for charities throughout the year, but the past four years we have been doing additional fundraising for animal welfare charities around Christmas. The items range from clothes, toys and books for the charity shop, and food with treats for the dogs.”

Margaret Dimsdale-Bobby, Chairman of the Causeway Coast Dog Rescue charity, said, “the CCDR charity is based on the ethos that every dog deserves a second chance. We have been inundated since Christmas with people contacting us, wanting to give up their dogs for rehoming. This gift from HMPO goes a long way to helping so many dogs with items for our charity shop, and dog food directly to feed the dogs we are in the process of rehoming.”

Margaret continued, “dogs being handed in range from 7-week-old puppies to 12-year-old Collies, it is heart breaking, and it never seems to ease. We work in partnership with so many other charities around Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK just to ensure we can achieve the best forever home for our dogs. We are working hard to develop partnerships with multidisciplinary agencies to bring together a cohesive voice on animal welfare in Northern Ireland. On behalf of everyone at the charity, a huge thank you to the staff at HMPO, especially Geraldine and Collette for being kind enough to choose the charity and deliver the items to us on the north coast.” For more information on providing a ‘fureverhome’ for an unwanted dog this year, to discuss fundraising for the charity, please go to or @CCDogRescue


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Chairman of the Causeway Coast Dog Rescue charity Margaret Dimsdale-Bobby, thanking members of Her Majesty’s Passport Office in Belfast, Geraldine Gribben Chair and Colette McCourt of the HMPO charity committee, as they delivered donations from members of their team.






Henry and Harry are just two of the rescue dogs from the Causeway Coast Dog Rescue which appeared at the Students Union in Coleraine to host a ‘Stress Free Puppy Petting Day’ 

As we move into the new year, more and more people are considering their mental health as well as their physical health. Students of the Ulster University Coleraine have been thinking of their own mental wellbeing as they go through their exams the stress can be difficult. Which is why they asked the Causeway Coast Dog Rescue to come back for a second year to support them in hosting a ‘Stress Free Puppy Petting Day’. The charity has worked in partnership with the Students Union to support the students in any way they can.

The CCDR took along a number of dogs, all of which has been rescued by the charity. These ranged from Chihuahuas to bulldogs! Giving the students a range of sizes and types of dogs to get up close and personal with.

The opportunity was available for each student to come in and sit with the dogs and pet and feel the warmth of each dog’s personality after they had a rough day working at their exams. The dogs loved the extra cuddles they received, from the male and female students!

Chairman of the charity Margaret Dimsdale-Bobby said, “this was a great opportunity for those students who have left their family dogs at home, to spend some time remembering the affection they have for their family pet. It was also an opportunity for many students who had never been near a dog before, to understand how to approach and pet a dog.

We also took this opportunity to speak with the students on animal welfare and the importance of looking after your pet, and what signs to look out for when others are not looking after theirs. The event was a great success and the students made a donation to the charity. Everyone looked very relaxed with large smiles as they left the room as they had taken their ‘selfies’ with each of the dogs”. 

Andrew McAnallen, Vice President Academic and Student Affairs, Coleraine said, “The January exam period can be quite stressful, so every year Ulster University Students’ Union organises stress busters to help de-stress students!

“The puppy petting rooms started last year, and idea of last year’s Union Vice President Kevin McStravock — and it was a huge success! This year we opened the puppy petting rooms up to both staff and students.

“This year was just as good as last. It was a terrific success, with over 100 staff & students turning up to see the dogs.  I got chatting to a few students and everyone seemed very appreciative.  There’s no greater way to relieve stress than spending some time with a few lovable puppies!

“The puppy petting room would not be possible if not for the Causeway Coast Dog Rescue. They are a very admirable local charity, whose mission is to rescue and rehouse unwanted dogs, into new, loving foster families. The work they do is essential in reducing the unnecessary suffering of dogs, while giving rescued dogs the love and care they deserve.

“The UUSU is looking forward to working with them again soon, when the puppy petting room comes to the Magee campus on Wednesday 17th January!”

For more information on rehoming a dog, or on the work of the charity, go to @CCDogRescue


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Henry and Harry the Bulldogs have both been rescued by the Causeway Coast Dog Rescue and found their forever homes! They supported the Ulster University Students Union Stress Free Puppy Petting day, along with a number of other dogs which was well received by the students attending. Supporting Mental Health and Well Being for everyone. @CCDogRescue.


Students of the Ulster University Coleraine with rescue dogs of the Causeway Coast Dog Rescue as they hosted their Stress-Free Puppy Petting Day, to support students during their exam time. Everyone left with fantastic smiles and fully enjoyed the day with dogs ranging from Chihuahuas to bulldogs. For more information on the dog rescue charity, go to @CCDogRescue




Relax and Enjoy. Students from Ulster University Coleraine invite CCDR back for a 2nd year.



Causeway Coast Dog Rescue partners with students to host a Stress Free Puppy Petting Day

Studies show that interactions with dogs can decrease stress in humans. Causeway Coast Dog Rescuehas been invited for a second year, to the Ulster University offices in Coleraine to support students with a ‘Stress Free Puppy Petting’ day. What will be different about this year, is that teachers have also been invited! The students felt that the teachers would welcome such an opportunity as the students continued to rave about the event for days after last year’s visit showing photographs and explaining how they felt when they were offered the opportunity to sit with rescue dogs.

The charity brings along a number of Rescue Dogs, which have been checked and hand chosen for their temperament, to support the students while also getting to enjoy the day out with all the attention it brings. So many of the students miss their homes with their dogs left with their families in foreign countries. While many others have never been near a dog, and found the whole experience very exciting and fulfilling.

Chairman of the Causeway Coast Dog Rescue charity, located on the north coast said, “we aim to work with a number of different groups and agencies to raise the awareness of what we do, but importantly we discuss the welfare of animals. Many of the dogs we receive are from people who just don’t know how to look after them and how to make them part of their family. So many think that keeping a dog chained up outside in all weathers is normal and OK and we believe this is not acceptable. We are here to help the students, including the teachers, to realise the importance of having a dog. Relieving stress and improving ones’ way of life can only be a good thing no matter who you are.

We strongly emphasise that every dog deserves a second chance and that we all must play a part in informing the correct authorities when we believe a dog is being neglected or mistreated in any way.

Our charity’s volunteers are very much looking forward to seeing the new students in Coleraine’s Ulster University on Wednesday and then to Magee to meet the students there the following Wednesday afternoon”.  @CCDogRescue


Louise delivers Christmas early to the Causeway Coast Dog Rescue

Louise Jonty, seen here with Chairman of the Causeway Coast Dog Rescue charity, Maggie Dimsdale-Bobby, delivered Christmas early to the charity with donations from friends, family and colleagues. The car was bursting at the seems! with dog food, dog blankets, dog toys and much much more for the charity.  Louise is an avid animal lover and heard about the work the charity did on the north coast and all over N.Ireland.  Because of this, Louise put out a call to her friends and so many of them send her items to deliver to the charity.

Maggie Dimsdale-Bobby said, “This is amazing and Louise is an angel to say the least. The extent of items that Louise has brought the charity is fantastic, and extremely appreciated.  On behalf of all of the Trustees and volunteers, it is a heartfelt thanks that all of her friends and family have helped her with donations. To travel from one end of the country to the other to deliver all the items she is fantastic. The list of items are endless and I know so many dogs which will appreciate them over the coming days weeks and months. Thank you again to everyone involved and who donated. We will definitely keep in touch and

Maggie presented Louise with flowers and a thank you card from the charity, as a small token of appreciation.

To keep up with the developments of the charity, follow us on @Causewaycoastdogrescue @CCDogrescue for more information.





Chairman of the Causeway Coast Dog Rescue, Maggie Dimsdale-Bobby, seen here introducing the amazing singers and dancers who appeared to entertain the shoppers in Coleraine as they raised awareness of the many dogs searching for their #furever homes during this time of year.

Causeway Coast Dog Rescue charity held their Christmas carol evening at the Diamond Centre in Coleraine. Raising awareness of so many unwanted dogs at this time of year which need ‘furever’ homes, the charity has been inundated with calls to take in unwanted dogs. The callers are being redirected to the CCDR as all other rescue centres are telling them they are full as the charity believes that ‘every dog deserves a second chance’.

The charity located on the north coast, received support from Millburn Primary School Choir, singer Sara Crockett and Innova Irish Dance company, who all came to sing and dance in front of shoppers outside their charity shop in the Diamond Centre Coleraine.

The Christmas songs and the bright red costumes of the Irish dancers made it an evening to remember for all those attending.

Chairman of the CCDR Maggie Dimsdale-Bobby stated, “I very much wish to thank everyone who came to support us with this year’s Christmas Carol Service. To all the teachers and mums supporting the school choir, to Sara and Hannah who are absolutely amazing singers and of course the infamous Innova who danced to every beat that was played. It was a fantastic evening.

“At this time of year is extremely difficult for dog rescue charities, but not much different from the other 11 months! Calls are never ending with requests to take in unwanted dogs. At the CCDR we also receive many calls looking for advice about witnessing cruelty and what can be done about it. It is heart-breaking and I appeal to everyone, please do not purchase a puppy but come to any rescue centre and rehome a dog. Every dog deserves a second chance and we always aim to find each dog the best home to match both the dog and the potential owner. Dogs can range from a few months old right up to ten years old and each one desperately seeks a new owner and family to be with. We have been working hard to build relationships with various agencies and groups to provide a holistic approach to dog welfare and rehoming. In over twenty years of working with dogs the issues do not seem to be going away or becoming any less of a demand for rehoming centres.”

The charity thanks everyone for their support and to please keep in touch through their social media sites and website to keep updated with information, news and dogs searching for their forever homes.  Have a great Christmas from everyone at the Causeway Coast Dog Rescue. @CCDogRescue.




Sarah Crockett and her backing singer Hannah who sang at the Causeway Coast Dog Rescue Christmas Carol evening in the Diamond Centre Coleraine on 7th December. As avid dog lovers, they both wanted to show their support helping the charity raise awareness of the number of dogs searching for new homes.

The amazing Millburn Primary School Choir came along to open the evening with the most beautiful of Christmas songs. Children had their Christmas tinsel and loved every minute of performing in front of the shoppers at the Diamond Centre. Huge thank you to the children, their parents and of course, Teachers of Millburn Primary School Coleraine.




Please Paws for Thought At this time of year, as it is always difficult for dog rescue charities and the CCDR is no exception.  Every day the phone calls and emails are received, asking to take in an unwanted dog for many different reasons. But at this time of year as Christmas is getting closer and the nights are getting colder, the volunteers become more concerned on the level of calls increasing particularly as many of the other rescue charities are saying they are already full and redirecting requests to the Causeway Coast Dog Rescue.

Its is heartbreaking as there is a constant level of cruelty ranging from leaving a dog out overnight without any shelter, ranging to physical abuse and neglect. We always recommend that individuals contact their local dog warden  if the issue is effecting them or your neighbours personally such as barking, excessive noise etc, and to contact the animal welfare on  if the dog is being mistreated or neglected. In extreme cases, please contact the non emergency PSNI number on 101 and report it, so that it can also be followed up through Animal Welfare.

We believe at the CCDR that every dog deserves a second chance, and we will always aim to do what we can to help, as it is important that each family or individual is paired with the right dog, as our priority is the dog searching for that #fureverhome !

There are so many gorgeous potential companions ready to move to their new home and we want to see them getting there. Keep up to date with dogs coming in on any of these dogs are ready for their new home.



Sara sings for CCDR Christmas Carol Service

Sara Crockett, known for her fabulous country songs and voice, will be making an appearance @CCDogRescue Christmas Carol Service will be held in the Diamond Centre Coleraine on Thursday 7th December at 6.15pm.

Sara is an avid dog lover and jumped at the chance to support the charity. She recently sang at the SSE Arena in Belfast for the Farmers Bash in the summer and has previously sang in Nashville, where she wrote songs to go into her new album.

Sara’s songs are showcased on her social media sites and can be found at @saracrockettmusic Come along and hear her first hand, as she will be appearing with Millburn Primary School Choir and the infamous Innova Irish Dance Troup to support the dog rescue charity.

We look forward to welcoming you there @CCDogRescue